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Is my job making me fat?

According to a report from the University of Montreal, office-workers have become less active over the last three decades. This decreased activity may partly explain the rise in obesity. The findings are published in the early online edition of Preventive Medicine, To … Continue reading

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Is being a ‘weekend warrior’ bad for your health?

( — Work and family obligations keep many people from exercising on a regular basis. But working out only once a week or less puts you at risk of injury. Jeffrey Spang, MD, an expert at the University of North … Continue reading

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Bottle-feeding small babies can set them up for a life of heart disease and obesity

At least 20% of adult obesity is caused by over-feeding in infancy, study reports. The study, lead by Prof. Singhal (MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre at the Institute of Child Health in London) soon to be published in the American Journal of … Continue reading

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