The Wave, home of The Flow. The first interactive exercise program. Working as a virtual coach, this motivational and inspirational software will let you exercise while sitting down. The Wave, creators of The Flow, a low impact physical exercise program you can follow while sitting at your desk. Press articles about Flow, a low impact physical exercise program you can follow while sitting at your desk. With The Flow you can exercise at your desk following our inspirational workout program while following our nutritional center advice. Click here and access the demo online. Looking for an interactive exercise program? Contact us.
  1. Add hand weights for all exercises. It will increase the intensity of your workout. If you don't have hand weights, you can grab a couple of heavy books, or two bottles of water.
  2. Make sure you breathe during all the exercises. Breathing will increase the oxygenation of your brain, making you more alert and energetic.
  3. If you couldn't break for more than two hours, do 2 or 3 consecutive FLOW sessions to make up for the time lost.
  4. For better "body part" results, repeat the same exercise all day.
  5. If you are modifying how you eat, click on "Motivational Messages" right before going to lunch. It will refocus you on your determination to eat healthy.
  6. If you're very stressed out, listen to a couple of "Inspirational Messages". They might give you the answer to your present question.
  7. Don't let work affect your health. Use FLOW on a daily basis! The benefits of FLOW are cumulative.
  8. If you just don't feel up to working out, simply stretch. Stretching can help increase your energy and also reduce stress.
  9. For better "chest" results, place your feet further back.
  10. Just because you didn't use FLOW for a whole day, don't think that the program doesn't work for you. Get back on track next day.
  11. If the pace is too fast for you, go at your own pace. A little is a lot better than nothing!
  12. If you feel self-conscious using FLOW, invite your co-workers to join you and make it a "group effort."
  13. No matter what exercise you're doing, make sure you sit up straight keeping your abs in. That way you'll work your core muscles more efficiently.
  14. Do one session of FLOW before going home. You'll come back to your family in a better mood.
  15. Do one session before reaching for the piece of candy. It will reduce your cravings for sweets.
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