The Flow is healthy physical exercise
The Wave, home of The Flow. The first interactive exercise program. Working as a virtual coach, this motivational and inspirational software will let you exercise while sitting down. The Wave, creators of The Flow, a low impact physical exercise program you can follow while sitting at your desk. Press articles about Flow, a low impact physical exercise program you can follow while sitting at your desk. With The Flow you can exercise at your desk following our inspirational workout program while following our nutritional center advice. Click here and access the demo online. Looking for an interactive exercise program? Contact us.

I work at computer 8-10 hrs a day in a small office that doesnít take but a couple of steps to get anywhere you need to during the course of a day. Even though I sit all day long I have a hard time motivating to exercise when I get home. I just installed the program on my computer at lunch time and have had 3 exercise sessions this afternoon. I love it!! It makes me realize how quickly the time goes by when youíre glued to a monitor. Now, instead of a couple of neck stretches and a quick twist of my back, Iím allowing myself 5 min. an hour to take a real break and get the blood pumping. If I do nothing else the rest of the day, at least Iíll have done my 35 min. Thanks!
Mary Jo Szymanski Will County, Illinois

I have been using FLOW and I love it! I strongly recommend it to those that sit at a computer for more than a short time. What a terrific idea and format!
I have also downloaded the relaxation file and it is great and I will put it on my MP3 player as I think I will get the most out of it that way.
Karin Doggett Virginia

For several weeks, I participated in the FLOW program. If FLOW were to be instituted throughout an organization as a mandatory program, boy, would we all (society) be more fit and less stressed.  I think it would especially work in open floor plan setting, like an exercise class.  I believe in some countries there is a program that must be followed by all employees, if that were the case in the US… obesity, anxiety, laziness and unhappy employees would be thing of the past.  Your organization should try FLOW, if for nothing else, it might change, for the better, the way at least one person thinks and performs while at work.
Emma McKinney Credentialing Specialist / Hudson River HealthCare, Peekskill, NY

Flow has been a gift!  Working for a healthcare organization, I am fully aware of the problems created by workplace stress and the benefits of regular exercise.  But sitting at a computer all day with deadlines looming, I rarely have the opportunity to get out and exercise.  Flow, with its broad range of engaging short exercise programs that can be done at my desk, has been both stress-relieving and energizing.  I love it!
Elizabeth L. Gillespie Director, Grants Development/Hudson River HealthCare, Peekskill, NY

Flow’s motivational messages and exercise inspirations penetrate the mind to create the body from the inside out. The program weaves itself into your day encouraging activity in simple segments, which conform to every schedule and person. The ability to be successful is a state of mind; Flow leads you there physically and mentally.
Gemma E. Philage Miami, Florida

I am amazed to say that Flows workout has effectively replaced my morning coffee. Its positive energy meets me where I'm “at”, no matter where “at” is, and builds from there. It’s truly an awesome way to start my day. The programs motivational insights speak to me in an honest and gentle way, urging me on a daily basis to be true to myself. Flow does not chastise me for the moments that for some reason or another I don't walk the line I know I should be walking. Which is definitely a plus, since I tend to do enough of that on my own. I would like to thank you for creating a workout program that caters to all of “me” body, mind and spirit. Its format makes me feel as Flow was created with me in mind. Thanks again,
Eloisa Alfonso Miami, Florida

I really enjoy using FLOW. It's the best way to start my mornings and to prepare for my workday. Also on days when I'm really busy and I don't have time to go to the gym, I feel good that I at least got to workout for 20 minutes using FLOW.
Annette Gonzalez Miami, Florida

I love it! FLOW is changing not only my “outer self” but also my “inner” self. Its inspirational messages give me strength. They empower me and inspire me to be a better person. FLOW is my guiltless dissert!…
Solana Folchi Miami, Florida

With an extremely busy schedule, at times I can spend 8-12 hours at my
computer; FLOW is something that I need. Not only does FLOW give great
information, but the 5 minutes that I spend doing FLOW each hour is an
important reminder to keep my body in great shape and ergonomically correct!
I miss it when I don't use it!
Brenda D.G. Lerner, R.N., Psy.D. Research Assistant Professor/Project Director, Miami, FL

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The Flow is healthy physical exercise
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